We are The Travel Residence

Travelling has always been more than a vacation for me, but over recent years it's become a crucial part of my lifestyle. That doesn't mean that we're always away from home though.

Whether its making a pot of ramen in my kitchen and serving it just the way we learned in Japan or by putting my favourite flowers the vase I bought Bali, my home is always filled with the essence of that travel feeling.

That's how The Travel Residence came to be. This store is a collection of homeware goods, inspired by global destinations that help you recreate your travel memories at home.

Traveller, Foodie & Blogger of
Often Out of Office

  • Easy

    It's our mission to make your life as easy as possible so you can spend your time enjoying that travel feeling at home, not worrying about the details.

    Our wall prints come framed and ready to hang, our country inspired dining sets are packed with a shopping list for ingredients you'll need and a recipe to follow.

    Just open the box and enjoy.

  • Accessible

    It's almost 2022. Should we really still be paying for shipping?

    No matter where you call home our products are accessible with free global shipping on all orders.